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The DeMystifying 2012 Celebration was a great success! As you will hear on the videos, Ashtar said that the energy from the event went out not only all around the world but throughout the universe. We know that you will be as excited as we are in experiencing the very uplifting energies of this event, and your excitement will generate another wave of high-vibration throughout the universe which will support the changes that are now fully underway. Despite the long wait to see this to completion, there could not be a better time to experience and send out these energies. (April 2012)

Welcome to DeMystifying 2012, Celebrating Aloha from Maui, Hawaii. These celebrations were offered at Kanaha Beach Park and Canoe Hale on Saturday and Sunday, 29and 30 October, 2011.

To move the energy on Saturday, we enjoyed the music of Blue Mountain & Kedar, and to send the energy of the DeMystifying 2012 Celebration out to the world on Sunday, we danced to the music of Sundance and his band.

 We thank the many people who contributed to the success of this event. All proceeds from this event go to support the service missions of the sponsors – Kukuipuka ‘Ohana, Ashtar On The Road, and The Maui Grandmothers Council.

We express special thanks to Kathy McDuff of the Maui Grandmothers Council who was the chief coordinator for organizing all the many people, meetings, supplies, logistics and numerous details to bring this event to fulfillment.


Movie #1 – Lei’ohu Ryder and her Kukuipuka ‘Ohana open the celebration with a Hawaiian Blessing and John Lennon’s song Imagine. Then the participants were welcomed by Ashtar through Susan Leland, and enjoyed the shared thoughts of Ram Dass.


Movie #2 – An address by Alan Cohen, a chant and songs by Lei’ohu Ryder, and the Healing Hula of Kumu Ka’ipo Park.

Movie #3 – Panel Discussion – New Visions for the World- Alan Cohen, Lei’ohu Ryder, Rev. Kedar St.John, Elise Corwin, Ayin Adams – moderated by Rev. Jill Carl.


Movie #4 – Keiki Wisdom from children’s (keiki) panel with Sylvia Cenzano followed by music by Blue Mountain & Kedar

Movie #5 – Sharing Aloha- Hawaiian Kupuna Aunty Pua Mahoe sharing her wisdom.






Movie #6 – Journey into the Sacred Space of the Heart — Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Latest Teachings and Meditation– by certified teacher Laurie Cornell

Movie #7 – Wendy Kennedy– Workshop on Channeling

Movie #8Our Lemurian Legacy — Transitioning into 2012Skye Coe and Grace Provost – a very comprehensive talk on the history and evidence of galactic involvement with Earth and human development.

Movie #9 – Yes I Can! 101”- Ascension Preparation with Sekhmetvia Susan Leland w/ Elise Corwin & Fran Pearre

Movie #10 – He Ike Au – This I KnowLei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao – In the final movie from Saturday, we close the celebration with Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao and their wisdom and songs. 





Movie #11 – Opening Ceremony — Lei’ohu Ryder and her Kukuipuka ‘Ohana open the celebration with a Hawaiian prayer circle. Then the participants were welcomed by Ashtar, St.Germain & Kuan Yin– via Susan Leland “The Voice”

Movie #12 – Raising Your Vibrations with Healing Sound w/ Celestial Tuned ChimesEstaryia Venus


Movie #13 – Channeling the DivineWendy Kennedy and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective


Movie #14 – Closing – Christopher reads The Childrens’ Pledge, Yeshua/Sananda speaks via Susan Leland, and the day ends with The Blessing song performed by Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao and the audience.

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