Kumu Ka'ipo - Healing Hula

Ka’ipo, whose late father was of pure Hawaiian ancestry and late mother was half Hawaiian, was born in Hawai’i. The essence of ancient Hawaiian values, philosophy and energies vibrate deeply within her belief system. This mainstay, coupled with life experiences of the Eastern and Western cultures, evolved into her current mantra.

All moving as One…One moving with All

Ka’ipo had spent many years instructing and teaching a multitude of students in Hawaii, Japan, Costa Rica, the Philippines and the USA Continent. Having recently rekindled her passion for dance, she revamped her program that was based on competitions and performances into one that focuses on health and fun. The sessions expound on how the timbre of a chant or mele, integrated with flowing movements and rhythmic beats, can truly guide a participant to focus, and to embrace unfamiliar situations, while connecting with the many nuances of Hula.