Skye Coe & Grace Provost - Our Lemurian Legacy: Transitioning To 2012

WHO WERE THE LEMURIANS?  Where did they come from?  When and Where did they live? What were their spiritual practices?  What was their connection to Atlantis?  Were they advanced technologically?  And in what ways?  Did they know about their coming demise and what was it’s cause?  What can we learn from the Lemurians that will ease our transition into 2102? 

ARE YOU ONE OF THE MANY on Maui who feel that you have had Lemurian past lifetimes?  Or someone who wonders why this has become such a popular and interesting topic of discussion?  If so you will enjoy this presentation, guided meditation, discussion and short readings by Akashic Records Channel Grace Provost that will begin to answer all of the above questions. 

Guided by Divine Intervention and Providence 8 years ago, Skye was led to bring her love and knowledge of crystals and minerals to this small and wonderful island called Maui, call it home and create Heart of Maui and further bring these awesome tools and teachers to those seeking a source for them.  Author of ‘Guide to 7 Major Chakras’ and create-your-own Chakra Balancing Sets  available at local venues and local stores, she has recently begun offering workshops that relate to those topics.     

Discovery of Maui’s connection and role in ancient Lemuria lead to much interest and research about the ‘actuality of Lemuria’ and Maui’s place in that reality.  When asked to do a workshop for Demystifying 2012 it seemed natural to accept the kuleana of bringing this long hidden knowledge to a new level, as many are aware of their strong connection to Maui, possibly to Lemuria, but not know why.  Shrouded in mystery and ‘doubtfulness’ with much of information coming through channeled sources, and seemingly conflicting, this has presented itself as a wonderful opportunity to share in a concise matter what has been discovered

Introduced to the Andara Crystal Glass in 2009, Heart of Maui has also become a premier source of this beautiful bearer of light that is imbued with the energies of Prima Matra, also known as Etherium or Monatomic Gold.  Prima Matra, the result of an interdimensional implosion that happened billions of years ago, was left here to intentionally assist in our shift into 2012 and transition from 3rd to 5th dimension.  These will be available at Demystifying 2012.

Her friendship with Grace goes back to 2006, when Gracie did a presentation on ancient civilizations for ‘The Ohana Breakfasts’.  Our common interests and association in common circles has kindly kept us connected.  Recently when I began offering the Andara Crystal Glass that is found on an ancient Lemurian temple site, she began doing reading for those acquiring them through Heart of Maui.  Her extensive knowledge of Lemurian history and her ability to read Akashic Records will  make our inter-active presentation most interesting and meaningful to each participant.

Skye can be reached at or 808-280-3682 or

In 2001 an event took place at Christmas that gave Grace Provost the ability to speak in what she thought was one ancient language. She later found out it was four ancient languages and has since awakened knowledge from previous lives and life experiences.

Her favorite topics of research are the extraterrestrial and UFO phenomena, ancient history and archaeological sites. She has recently begun giving private lectures on various subjects sharing my own experiences and well as knowledge gleaned from her 25 years of research as well as channeling abilities.

Grace does Akashic record readings, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and ancient ceremonies.  Information in your reading during the workshop will connect you with knowledge of your past lives, planets lived on, symbols that are meaningful and an ascension code that is uniquely yours.  More extensive reading will be available at the Heart of Maui booth during the workshops

She is a Reiki Master, holds Munay-ki degrees 1-9 from Peru and was received into the Hawai’ian Priesthood on Mauna Kea Volcano-Big Island on 10-10-10 by Reynolds Nahoku Kamakawawo’ole.  Grace holds a B.A. in Historic Archaeology from Brigham Young University.

Gracie can be reached at or 808-344-2529.