Eli Galla-Spirited Clearings


Audio: “Spirited Clearings-The Wisdom of Meg Hoopes” on Sat, October 29, 2011

Have you wondered why something or someone will trigger fear or feelings within that don’t feel good? Do you keep on getting the same results, and you feel that you are asking for something different? Have you ever felt consumed with fear, doubt, jealousy, hatred, spite, revenge etc? Relax – it wasn’t your fault. You can forgive and un-create everything in your life that doesn’t feel good, that doesn’t serve you. You can feel good, whole and complete. You can be and express your true, divine nature.

Spirited Clearings are the creation of a truly extraordinary woman and teacher, Meg Hoopes. She laid the groundwork for us to work with our angels, ascended masters, and higher self. This is not a quick fix. The programming of curses, vows, dogmas, negative entities, devices, implants & negative dendrites didn’t even happen just in this lifetime. I can show you that you have the power to clear these types of programming, which we have let take away our power. We clear the programming layer by layer. You will start to really be in your body. You will feel results. When you allow yourself to make heart centered choices in your life you will accelerate this reversal of your life’s fortune.

Love is the highest vibrational healing tool. You can learn how to love yourself universally and unconditionally. I can show you how to clear negative programming and live in your heart center where you will always feel the connection to creator/source.

Eli Galla has studied reprogramming for the past 33 years. When he was 25 he met his first teachers, who were a group of Tantrics he lived with for 14 years. When he was 49 he went to a medical intuitive who helped him become aware of his guides and angels. He had a medical crisis three months later. This was the springboard that helped him change his choices in life. He became a Toltec apprentice, and through the guidance of the medical intuitive he got turned onto channeled material. He began to see that he was a sorcerer and he was claircognizant, and that he wanted to develop this gift.

When he was 57 he was introduced to the work of Meg Hoopes by way of Ashtar on the Road, whose teleconferences he had been attending since October 17, 2006. Through doing the clearings he realized that the power to change behavior patterns that had eluded him was inside of him & that he would always be able to call for the help of his teams. He had been introduced to Muscle Response Testing, when he used the MAP book, which Ashtar had recommended to people on the teleconference calls. Through doing the clearings he gained confidence in his ability to use MRT, and it affirmed his intention to use his clarecognizance to help himself and others.

Meg Hoopes died in November of 2010 approximately two months later he was asked by the three women of Ashtar On The Road if he was willing to put together and complete the teacher’s manual that Meg had started to write before she died. During the time he was writing it, he realized this was the energy work that he had been told, through a channel, that he would know how to put down in a book.

During the writing, the manual turned into a book that would be accessible to everyone wanting to learn how to clear themselves of negative programming. The teachings of Meg evolved, because higher light frequencies were dominating the energy fields of all living beings on Gaia. He started doing the clearings on clients by phone in different parts of the country & gained many insights about how these negative programs were constructed and how they are cleared. The benefits for the people he did the sessions on and himself were easily recognized by all involved. Now the book is almost ready for publication, and he is taking pre-orders and available for personal sessions either in person or by phone.

Eli’s website is http://oholful.com