Kathy & Rainbow - Ascension Clearings

Kathy McDuff was the behind-the-scenes planning coordinator of this event. 

Tamara Tavernier painted the beautiful poster displayed on the home page.

Raising Your Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency by Releasing Ego, Fear and Negative Emotions by Kathy McDuff

As we begin our ascension process, we are invited to raise our vibrational frequency so that we unblock the flow of Life Force from Source, so that it flows through us without resistance from our ego.  In this workshop, you will be offered the opportunity to share some of the many tools and energy-moving techniques that can help you get back in the flow. As you increase your frequency, you also increase your consciousness, which allows you to see things more clearly. 

The lower your vibrational frequency, the less you are able to comprehend, because your ego is controlling and restricting the flow of Love and light that flows through your four bodies. The ego restricts and controls our mind and body, and it would love to keep us in the box that we have allowed ourselves to be placed in.  The more you allow the essence of Creator to flow through you, the more creative thoughts and ideas you will experience. Higher vibrational frequency allows you to access the wisdom and knowing that is available to all, and it moves you out of the pain and turmoil of negative emotions like fear and anger.  It is time to break free from these self-imposed restrictions — to leave separateness and return to the One!      

Kathy McDuff (Kalaimoku ō ihe pua) which means malama o ka’aina or care for the land with a protective spear through flowering energy.  Her ancestors, who are listed on the Dawes Rolls of the Cherokee Nation, walked the Trail of Tears in 1838, starting in Georgia and finally settling in Oklahoma.  She began receiving visions at an early age instructing her to bring her gifts to Hawaii to assist in the ascension process.  As soon as she arrived, she felt like she was home and has been blessed with many teachings and visions from the Kupuna and spirits of Hawaii.  Her teachers and mentors include the Grandfathers, Quan Yin, Uncle Ed Lindsey, Living Buddha Master Yu Tian Jian, the Kupuna and Elders, and the Star Elders.   She and her husband Rich Lucas are setting up a healing center on Maui called Pilialoha Healing Center to assist with healing of our four bodies — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.   She presently lives on Maui where she performs healing rituals, helps clear blocked chakras, offers intuitive guidance, and works as a Lightworker sending out light to the planetary grid and all beings.  She also assists the Kahu at Kukuipuka Heiau with blessings, prayers, teachings and ceremonies.

http://www.mauigrandmothers.org/  http://pilialohahealingcenter.com

Tamara Tavernier aka “Rainbow” is a visionary artist. The love and connectedness that she feels for the Universe and all its inhabitants is so vibrantly expressed in her work as a visual artist as well as an author.  She has authored and illustrated three children’s book and poem book in her native language (1st of the sequel has since been translated into English) and has given numerous workshops for children and adults in her home land of Belgium. Her poppy fields are published in greeting cards and sold in museums in Belgium. She worked as an artist for the world shops and created paintings for GAIA in Belgium. 

Tamara migrated to the beautiful Island of Hawaii where she has continued to express her deep connection for our planet in her work. She has worked and still works with the Pacific Whale foundation, LAS and the beautiful and restorative organic farm at Kolealea.  She has traveled to several European lands, California, Turkey, Hawaii, Peru, Sedona and now makes her home base on Maui; where she loves to swim with dolphins and paint!  Her vision is to continue to express the beauty that surrounds us in her paintings so it gives us an opportunity to see our own beauty reflected there.
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