Lei'ohu & Maydeen - He 'Ike Au - This I Know


You are invited to celebrate aloha (love), malama (care) and kuleana (responsibility), as we weave our collective wisdom in the global heart of the planet and all life.  Come share this knowing in a circle of ‘ohana (family) in the land of the Pacific, the land of the ancient Mu people, the land of the ancient relatives of what is called Hawai’i. (Meaning: Ha—the breath, wai—the water, i—the all that is—together as one)


Lei’ohu Ryder is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter, and educator on Maui. She is an emissary of aloha and an advocate for the indigenous soul in all people, blind to the labels (race, creed, nationality, ideology, etc.) that can separate us from experiencing the true nature of our selves and others. Auntie Lei’s love and knowledge of Na Mea Hawaii, help us connect with our selves, with spirit, and be pono (balanced in right alignment).

Maydeen Iao partners with Lei’ohu in bringing Hawaiian teachings and music to the world.  She is the visionary behind Aloha In Action and a smiling, joyful, loving presence wherever she is.  As she shares on her website, “Aunty Mahilani Poepoe used to always share with Lei’ohu & I, ‘just go, nothing technical, Ke Akua (Creator) going take care.’  What she meant was, don’t worry, be happy, all is given, be surprised, trust yourself, you will know what to do in each moment, as we are each children of Divine Father & Divine Mother.  We have a protocol for this, it is called ‘jumping over the ti leaf.’ ”