Presenters - Susan, Fran, & Elise


Ascension Preparation with Sekhmet 

What it is, Where we are going, and How these Ascension Energy Tools help us to get there.

This is a unique life we are living now - it is truly a path not traveled before.  For this planet has not traversed into the higher dimensional realms before with so many people living upon its surface, and Mother Gaia has made her decision to ascend during this coming period of celestial alignment.

The chaos we are all experiencing is part of the uncreating of old patterns of density and fearful thought forms.  Like a butterfly soon to emerge from a golden cocoon into a new reality, all who resonate with this high-vibratory path will be truly blessed with an unlimited potential.

With Special Guest Sekhmet and “Yes, I Can! 101″

Sekhmet was the Goddess in charge of healing in ancient Egypt.  The physicians would go to her when they needed special guidance.  She was revered and yes, feared, in that period of history/herstory but now she is teaching from the highest vibrations that this moment of ascension preparation requires, and that is one of uplifting everyone into Love and Joy for their individual empowerment and therefore the entire planet.  The delightful Sekhmet will share a segment of her teaching series “YES, I CAN! 101.”

Bridging Science and Spiritual Realms

We will present how these Ascension Energy Tools are capable of bridging the science and the spiritual realms and how they are inseparable.  The old “world is flat” theories have not held water for some time, and yet this is a perfect example of how our thoughts and beliefs about creating our own miracles need to change.  We are more powerful than most of us imagine.

How to Engage These New Energies

We will touch on the value of Zero Point Energy, Quantum and Scalar energies, the power of Light, Color and Sound, Organic Brainwave Entrainment, Magnetics, Crystalline and certain mineral energies, Sacred Geometry, Far Infrared and Negative Ion energies, the value of Ho’oponopono and how these all play a role in attuning us to a higher frequency of being. 

Discerning Your Own Truth

We will explain the value in discerning your own truth at this most auspicious time, and some ways of using these Ascension Energy Tools to amplify at a higher level your own personal intent for the creations of clearing and healing your body and all of its energy fields as well as assisting in manifesting your visions for the new golden age we are moving into individually and together as one.             

Guided by a Company of Ascended Masters

It is said that the Mayans may have all known the secrets of ascension, which is why they seemed to just vanish from the face of this known earth.  There is a doorway opening in the cosmic alignment of 2012 which is a real invitation for you to walk through.  We are taking our physical bodies with us on this journey and we are guided by a company of Ascended Masters to assist us. Sekhmet freely offers her wisdom on our teleconferences and in this workshop.

How These Ascension Energy Tools Create Wellness and Balance

We will speak of some of the symptoms you might be experiencing and how these Energy Tools help to bridge and transmute the discomfort of the density of our bodies to become crystalline and be able to hold more high vibrational light which is the natural state of wellness and balance.

Answers To Your Questions

As time permits we will answer your questions in the workshop or at our sponsor table. We welcome the opportunity to share with you.     


Susan, Fran, Elise and Sekhmet

Sekhmet will speak through Susan Leland, “The Voice”