Estaryia Venus - Sound Healing

Raising Your Vibration 

Experience the power of sound to harmonize with the Earth and raise your vibration to prepare your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body for the evolutionary global shift.  International Sound Healer, Estaryia Venus, will guide you through a powerful journey to reclaim your conscious connection with your vibration and the natural rhythms of this Earth.  

During this time you will experience resonating with the Harmonizing Celestial Chimes, special sound healing instruments precisely tuned to scientifically researched sound frequencies of Earth & Universal harmonics.  
“By attuning our body to the natural frequencies of the harmonic structure of the Earth and universe, we begin to vibrate in harmony with the shift as it is happening, creating greater clarity and ease in our body, mind and emotions and raising our vibration to embody our spiritual essence.”

This workshop will facilitate a coherent energetic field in the pulse systems of the body, and awaken higher frequency cellular resonance.  
* Release of energetic blocks      *  Expanded experience of heart & brain connection
*Deep inner peace and harmony     *  Raise your vibration to the next higher octave of unity

Estaryia Venus, founder of Earth Consciousness Institute, is an international sound healer, breath, yoga, and meditation teacher, and incorporates the science of sound & sacred geometry in her workshops and retreats.  She gives presentations and leads workshops on the power of sound and its therapeutic effects on the mind, body, and spirit.  She leads Sound Healing Rejuvenation Retreats worldwide with the next one coming up in November 2011, on the Big Island of Hawaii. For more information visit: