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We at Ashtar On The Road have come to Maui at the request of our Mentors, among whom is Ashtar.  Here is a message from Ashtar given through Susan, whom they call The Voice, as well as an introduction to the 9-Star Group, which is the name our Mentors have chosen for this mission.
Our Planet is shifting from 3D polarity reality into higher dimensional 5D Unity Consciousness.  We are remembering that we are galactic starseeds in human bodies.  Our mission is to assist in ushering in the Golden Age of Christ Consciousness.  Thus we are coming home to the Lemurian frequency of Unconditional Love, which is true Aloha! 
“Greetings, Everyone!  I, Ashtar, speaking through The Voice, stand here with the other Mentors, Ascended Masters, Angels and all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth.   We bring you an invitation to attend this most joyful and sacred event, which is called ‘DeMystifying 2012.’  It is to be held here on Maui, which is the Lemurian Heart of Healing, and thus it is that we invite you to come here to connect, not only with the participants in this event, but with the sacred energies of Lemuria itself, and it is to be in recognition that your coming here can be most supporting to you as you evolve on your own Ascension path! 
“We have asked Susan, Fran and Elise of Ashtar On The Road to represent our 9-Star Group in bringing forth our messages to facilitate your divine connection with the Healing Heart of your first Home on Earth, which is Lemuria!  Mahalo and Salut!”


The 9-Star Group includes our Mentors, who are a group of Ascended Masters, a special Arcturian team (not pictured here) and the three of us at Ashtar On The Road. 

Sekhmet                    Ashtar                    Sananda                     St.Germain              Kuan Yin
Ashtar is the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet, whose mission is to assist and support the Ascension of Planet Earth and all of her inhabitants and kingdoms.
Sananda, the Light of Yeshua, has loving encouragement for all of us as we travel this Ascension path.
St.Germain brings us great treasures, and the greatest gift of all is knowing that we ourselves can make any changes or transformations that we choose to do.
Sekhmet was in charge of all healing in ancient Egypt and she is bringing a fresh, new and joyful perspective to her mentoring.
Kuan Yin brings her loving compassion along with ancient wisdom, which counsels patience and balance in all things.
Our Arcturian Team of One bring their high dimensional energies to assist with healing on all levels and to activate the crystalline grid here on this sacred land.
The Ashtar On The Road Team
Susan           Fran           Elise