We invite all crafts people, artists, and businesses to join us at this DeMystifying2012 weekend on October 29 and 30.  The registration for a 10′ x 10′ space is $22 and 22% of sales.  You must bring your own canopies, chairs, tables, and supplies along with your wares and literature. 

Please print out the application form and mail it with your check or money order to the address listed.  Once we receive your completed application, we will send you further information. 

Mahalo for celebrating with us.

DeMystifying2012 Vendor Application

Filium Hominis - Photo Post Cards – Symbolic Art of the Spirit of Maui

Lily Vega & Partner – and

Alohahonu – children’s books-Honu The Green Sea Turtle, Alohahonu, Count The Blue, DVDs, stuffed turtles

“BB” Barbara E. Berg

Inspiritos Inc.- Pink Protea – Puamana Botanicals - jewelry, clothing, accessories, perfume

Ruth Goodfellow and

The Lemurian Dealer - Lemurian Seed Crystals, Moldavite, Herkheimer Diamonds

Marc McCotter

Oneness Hawaii - Offering Oneness Blessing only

Sharina Devi

Head-2-Toe-Tarot - Tarot Card Readings, jewelry

Owners: Ixchel C. Hazard 480-322-1686 & Brenda Robards & Paula Filta

Ocean Lotus and The Mother Language - messages in the Mother Language Healings + Readings

“I Am The Ocean” –

Ascension Energy Tools – quantum energetic wands, rollers, pendants, bracelets, showerheads and more

Susan Leland –

Tamara Rainbow Tavernier - readings by original intuitive art, custom art

Tamara Tavernier

Heart Of Maui - Andarra and Other Crystals

Skye Coe

Healing Sound - Raise Your Cellular Vibrations with Celestial Chimes-Private Sessions for Healing on Maui-Oct 31st-Nov 3rd.

Estaryia Venus ~ 808-673-1829

Spirited Clearings – Releasing Your Old Programs – Divinely Guided Private Sessions

Eli Galla - cell 928-300-0488

Aunty Pieneui’s - Akashic and Crystal Readings

Grace Provost –

Malafu Polynesian Crafts – woven baskets, tapa cloth, carvings

Fifita Malafu